Friday, February 12, 2010


Kamil Ebrahim b.Saifuddin

mamat ni nk gerak da g New Zealand malam ni..huhu..sedeyh + gembira + jeles,kamil,hope u read this message..

pesanan ringkas utk anda dr saya..ngee..

'Take care of yourself over smart and not study hard..I know u can do it..because you are so in love with this,i don't think you have problems to cope with it.Just believe in yourself..try to make your parents,teachers,and friends proud of you..hope you can be succeed over there..and one day, once you get back to Malaysia,hope you can be one of the successful person..all the best for you..always remember Allah and your own cultures..We all here will always pray for you..Don't forget us okie..and do keep in touch!! through facebook! just one way that we can use to get updates from you..hehe..:)
and and don't forget to buy sourvenir for me..haha..lalala..'

next update: Knape saya letak 'cahayazalikha'??